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Connecting Students With In-Demand Careers

Every college offers degrees. But at the end of the day, you're really looking for a career with lifelong opportunity, right?

Discover Your Direction

To get you into a rewarding career, we start by helping you define what you enjoy doing, and what you do best. Through a series of exercises using YouScience, an online tool to assess your strengths and preferences, we'll help you hone in on a future position that will inspire you and ignite your passion.

Explore In-Demand Job Fields

Choose your path and set your sights on success. Whether you want to acquire new skills, advance further in your current career, or explore a new career - if you're right out of high school or ready to reinvent yourself... just begin. Take a moment, and find which career path is the right one for you and which program you need to get there!

What career choice in your area of interest has the highest salary and the most job growth for our local region?

"After completing my degree in Business Administration at Sinclair, I decided to pursue my bachelor's at Wright State University. Not only will all of my credits transfer, I've also been offered a scholarship thanks to their transfer agreement with Sinclair Community College." Taylor, Business

Bachelor's Degree Transfer Pathways

We build a strong academic foundation so you can easily transfer your degree to the next level.

Knowledge that Transfers

Because Sinclair offers incomparable flexibility and affordability, we're a logical launching pad for students looking to transfer to a four-year university.

Regional and Nationwide Pathways

Ohio guarantees that our credits transfer toward a bachelor's degree at any state college. Plus, we partner with more than 100 schools nationwide to guarantee easy credit transfers.

We also hold specific agreements with seven major universities in the region for maximum efficiency in earning your 4-year degree.

University of Dayton

Wright State University

University of Cincinnati

Miami University

Ohio University

Franklin University

Antioch University

"The flexibility and support that Sinclair provided allowed me to balance school, work, and family. Sinclair's online and in-person classes made me feel confident enough to transfer to four-year institutions where I completed both a bachelor's and a master’s degree." Brandy, Business

Regional Employer Connections

Start Building Your Career

Lean into Local

We're proudly rooted in the communities we serve. Our engagement produces meaningful experiences via community outreach, local partnerships, aligning our curriculum with careers through our Work-Based Learning program, and many other opportunities to learn, network, and connect.

Practice Makes Perfect

An average of 2,000 Sinclair students every year complete internships throughout the region. Gain job experience, get paid, and make a difference. It's that simple.

We team up with area employers to create programs reflective of the latest industry trends and in-demand jobs. You can cut the guesswork and be certain your degree translates to an actual career path.