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We're the other side of the coin: a nationally ranked college education where you don't have to give anything up for it to be affordable. We carefully balance our funding, tuition, and budget to stay as financially efficient as possible, so your tuition dollars go a whole lot further.

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At Sinclair, we can promise you're getting more for your money. Many of our students graduate with little or no debt.

Montgomery County Tuition

per credit hour

Out-of-County Tuition

per credit hour

Out-of State Tuition

per credit hour

Please visit sinclair.edu/tuition for updated tuition rates beginning Spring Semester 2022.

Average Published Tuition Costs for Full-time Undergraduates 2020-2021

Based on 30 credit hours per year.

PRIVATE (4-year Nonprofit) $36,880. FOR-PROFIT $26,820. PUBLIC (4-year In-state) $10,440. SINCLAIR (Ohio Resident) $5,198. SINCLAIR (Montgomery County Resident) $3,780.

These amounts do not include room and board fees incurred at typical four-year schools.

SOURCE: 2020-2021 College Board Annual Survey of Colleges.

Financial Aid

Help Paying for College

Opportunity Made Limitless

Every year, we award financial aid and scholarships to both new and continuing Sinclair students. In fact, last year alone, our students received more than $57 million to assist with tuition and other college expenses.

Going Further

Did you know there might be free (yes, free!) money with your name on it to help you go further at Sinclair? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) offers grants for eligible students, as well as low-cost options like subsidized and unsubsidized federally funded loans based on the student's financial situation.

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