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Get Involved and Give Back

SINCLAIR has many clubs for a diversity of interests, ranging from CIVIC ACTIVISM and professional development to sports and leisure. There are many opportunities to DEVELOP YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS or hang out with your friends over coffee in Sinclair's STATE OF THE ART LIBRARY. You can show your Sinclair pride by cheering on our NATIONALLY RANKED ATHLETIC TEAMS! You can attend a performance by the award-winning SINCLAIR THEATRE department, or attend a session of SINCLAIR TALKS, a series of presentations about culture and cultural issues. Take advantage of SERVICE LEARNING PROJECTS, like tutoring and mentoring, disaster relief assistance, and veteran appreciation projects to help our community grow. Share your journey and get involved at Sinclair to BUILD YOUR EMPLOYMENT PORTFOLIO AND YOUR COMMUNITY.

Campus Diversity

Diversity refers to the individual and group social differences that exist among people. The concept of diversity at Sinclair Community College encompasses the acceptance, inclusiveness, engagement, and mutual respect among students, faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the broader community.

Diversity means understanding that each individual is unique and by recognizing these individual differences and similarities, we add to the richness and texture of the educational experience.


Trey Turner's Story

The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) gave Trey a great start at Sinclair and he considers Sinclair a place he finds comfortable and reliable.


Student Life

There's always something to do at Sinclair, known for its activities and extra-curricular organizations that every student can enjoy. Attend a performance from the Sinclair Theatre department or attend a session of Sinclair Talks, a series of weekly presentations about social and cultural issues. Take advantage of Sinclair-sponsored service learning opportunities—like tutoring for at-risk children, disaster relief assistance and veteran appreciation projects—to help the community grow.

Share your journey—get involved at Sinclair to build both your employment portfolio and your community.